The following is just a sampling of our programs. Other programs are available and will be circulated throughout the year. Check current WTF schedule for “What’s Happenin” right now.

Synrgy360 Boot Camp
The “mother of all boot camps” will contain stations such as monkey bars, cables, rebounders, heavy bags, power pivots and battle ropes which will provide a variety of challenges guaranteed to burn calories and build strength and stamina. Life Fitness pioneered the Synrgy360 concept to provide inspirational fitness experiences to an increasingly diverse audience of exercisers. This customizable, multi-purpose apparatus unit has been selected (and handsomely paid for) by PUMPS to ensure optimal boot camp style training for our women’s only clientele. This revolutionary unit provides limitless opportunities to train harder, more efficiently, and meet other women who are as crazy as you are to partake in such a program. The Synrgy360, paired with endless options for cardio blasts, ensures a complete strength and cardio workout.

Kettlebells for Swingers
Kettlebells, all the rage in fitness conditioning, take traditional dumbbell training to a whole new level. Much like human beings, the weight of a kettlebell is not evenly distributed thus forcing the stabilizer muscles to work that much harder. The result is an increased metabolism which burns fat quickly and more efficiently. This type of training also increases strength, speed, power, endurance, balance and coordination. First introduced in the 1700s by Russian strongmen, kettlebells were used in a “swinging” and lifting manner as a way to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. Thanks to technology such as Facebook and Skype, those original Russian strongmen were able to share their training methods with our trainers here at PUMPS.

Fearless X Fit
Fearless X Fit is a fitness and lifestyle program based on everyday functional movements. Workouts are intense and demand all-out physical exertion (similar to dealing with in-laws during holidays). Movements such as sprinting, pulling, jumping rope, flipping tires, weightlifting and carrying heavy objects may be performed. Equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls and plyo boxes for jumps may all be used. Learning functional movement techniques will help an individual move better and achieve proficiency in the execution of daily tasks. Fearless X Fit participants will achieve the ability to move greater loads over longer distances in shorter periods of time. Expect to be, among other things, faster, stronger and more efficient which should allow you to carry heavier bags from Nordstrom’s to your car in a shorter period of time.

Striking Women!
This boxing based program provides the “striking” women of PUMPS the opportunity to do some “striking” of their own. Long before the days of Rocky & Adrian, boxing training techniques were used as a means of improving ones physical conditioning. This boxing conditioning program begins with a 10 minute dynamic warm up, followed by several rounds on the heavy bag and ends with 10 minutes of abdominal work. Learn correct striking form and how to put punching combinations together. Heavy bags, focus mitts, kicks, knees and elbows may also be used. Not only is this an incredible sculpting and cardio program, it gives participants a 50 minute “pass” to acting un-lady like.

Rock Bottom
Inspired by our world renowned Rock Bottom sculpting studio class, this program emphasizes everything south of the belt buckle (providing you don’t wear your pants up near your chest like grandpa used to). The Life Fitness Synrgy360 unit will be utilized to sculpt and tone your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Kettlebells, a potpourri of accessories, and other functional training movements may also be used to ensure you receive the most attention when struttin’ your stuff by your local construction site.

(BS) Balance & Stability
Having balance and stability is critical for the well-being of all women but none so more than “mature” women. BS is a low impact training session that focusses on the “core muscles” which are critical for flexibility, balance, and essential for daily life activities. Participants should expect to increase strength and flexibility which translates to improved posture and a strong, lean body. Stability balls, bosu trainers, balance disks and TRX training will all be utilized in this session.

TRX Suspension Training
TRX Suspension Training is an approach to exercise that leverages one’s own body weight and the force of gravity and is designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability all simultaneously. The system utilizes a system of straps, buckles and grips that allows the user to work against their own body weight. TRX training engages the core on every exercise in addition to providing some cardio fitness in every single workout. Kettlebells may also be used for fun, excitement and irritation!

TRX Fusion
This program combines everything from TRX Suspension Training and ads the TRX Rip Trainer to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination challenges (guaranteeing a near death experience!). The Rip Trainer is a lever bar and resistance cord and will be added along with some familiar, challenging and despised workout stations.

Reminds Me of My Ex! (BOSU Training)
The BOSU trainer is an inflated rubber dome on a flat, round platform (If this sounds eerily similar to your beer drinking, large girthed ex-husband with no derriere, then we sincerely apologize). The dome can be placed on the floor with either the flat or rounded side up which makes it one of the most versatile and challenging accessories available today. Because the surface is unstable and constantly changing, it forces the participant to maintain their center of gravity thus making every exercise a challenge. Since the center of gravity must be maintained and functionally strong, BOSU training is an ideal workout for improving balance, strengthening the core and targeting the glutes, hips, thighs and upper body.

Getting Nowhere Fast
Tired of every yahoo truck driver in the world honking his (or her) horn at you while you are out for your daily run? There’s no reason why you should elevate someone else’s heart rate while you are doing all the work. Take it indoors and experience Pumps version of a challenging treadmill class. This training session is guaranteed to improve your cardiovascular fitness level, endurance, speed and pace. Much like life, our treadmill sessions are full of ups and downs as you will incline and decline along with varying your speed. Geared for runners, those wanting to improve their fitness or those trying to get in shape with the hopes of being honked at. All fitness levels.

Road Rage
You’ll spend the first half of this diverse program in the spin studio reaping all the benefits of a gut wrenching cycling class. Then, as you cool down, imagine yourself biking through a scenic coastline community when some ass…. cuts you off and nearly forces you off the road! At this point, you will abandon your nearly (imaginary) mangled cycle and finish the program pounding, kicking and wailing away on our fitness floor heavy bags. Participants are advised to schedule “confession” appointments with their clergy following each session. Program is guaranteed to relieve stress, burn hundreds of calories, and prepare you for the Tour de France as well as a potential brawl in your local pub.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training)
Twenty minutes in to one of these sessions and you’ll be putting an “S” in front of the name as the intensity and variety of this program is guaranteed to challenge even the most discriminating exerciser. High intensity exercises such as kettlebells, heavy bags, glider discs, vacuuming and others are followed by intervals of rest (hopefully naps). These short intense workouts are perfect for burning fat and improving athletic capacity and conditioning. For all fitness levels.

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