What We Are

PUMPS is a full-size fitness center exclusively for women where the primary focus is getting women results. Our “life changing” Pro-Fitness Program™ (our member’s words, not ours) along with our Women Training Fearlessly (WTF) small group training program have been implemented and designed specifically for that purpose. We also offer an extraordinary Group X program (2 full size studios) that is under the direction of industry legend Kim Melius (she is a legend, just ask her).

In addition to offering the absolute most extensive circuit training, free weight, and cardio selection a women’s only club has ever seen, PUMPS sets forth an experience, culture and attitude unparalleled in today’s fitness industry. We understand your success is heavily contingent upon your comfort factor which is why we go to great lengths to ensure you feel welcome, appreciated and comfortable! Our club has been meticulously designed, staffed and structured so women of all fitness levels can work out, obtain the fitness results they want and actually have fun while doing it.

Who Our

Members Are

Our members are women (and most are “ladies”) between the ages of 14 and 83 who share the common goal of wanting to improve their quality of life. Through our results oriented training programs, diversified group exercise program, extensive equipment selection, and professional and certified staff, we have the means to satisfy and service women ranging from those who are brand new to fitness (which statistically constitutes about 83% of the population) to those who are seasoned athletes. Seasoned athletes have at their disposal a wide array of equipment never before found in a women’s only club.

They are able to utilize the most advanced equipment commonly found in coed clubs all in the comfort and privacy of a women-only setting. Beginners, intermediates and seasoned athletes all benefit from the personalized 1 to 1 instruction along with the diverse programs offered courtesy of our Women Training Fearlessly (WTF) small group training program.

What We Are Not

PUMPS is not a 30 minute limited express club or a weight loss studio. We are not a support group under the guise of a fitness center nor are we a spa where the focus is on treatments and pampering. We are not a full service sports complex offering pools, tennis courts and amenities of that nature. We are also not a trendy Newbury Street shoe boutique…well, you get the idea.