For many at our health club in Woburn, working out independently or joining a group class is sufficient – but for the rest of us, having a trainer optimizes our fitness experience and results. The PUMPS fitness center in Woburn offers a variety of training options to make sure members have access to quality coaching and support.

Personal Training

Personal training is the classic, tried-and-true training method. Your training begins with a free consultation to design your program, and your progressed is assessed every 90 days thereafter. During your sessions, your trainer’s attention is devoted 100% to you.

We even offer 0% financing to lower the barrier to getting quality fitness guidance. There’s no better way to spoil a girl.

Women Training Fearlessly – Small Group Training

Personal training can be cost prohibitive for many, yet group classes can lack the individual attention you desire. Our Women Training Fearlessly small group training program brings together the benefits of personal training and group classes without the shortcomings.

WTF (yes, the acronym was intentional – guilty as charged) includes all kinds of intense small group workouts:

  • Synrgy360 Boot Camp
  • Kettlebells for Swingers
  • Fearless X Fit
  • Striking Women!
  • Rock Bottom
  • (BS) Balance & Stability
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • TRX Fusion
  • Reminds Me of My Ex! (BOSU Training)
  • Getting Nowhere Fast
  • Road Rage
  • HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

If you go into these programs a princess, you’re sure to reveal your inner beast as you conquer one session after another!

Pro Fitness Program Personal Training Plan

The only personal training option most gyms offer requires you to become a member and then charges you extra for personal training. But for the time-pressed woman who needs to maximize results, the non-membership Pro Fitness Program allows her to cut out all but the essentials.

This type of woman has no need for 24 hour access to all the gym’s facilities, nor does she desire to participate in group classes or to exercise on her own. She just has two to three hours per week to get down to the business of getting fit, and wants all resources focused on those few sessions.

The Pro Fitness Program provides a 90 minute fitness consultation during which a plan of action is designed based on your specific goals. You are then reassessed three more times over the course of the year to ensure you are moving steadily toward your objectives.

Your trainer will be waiting for you when you arrive at the gym and will give you the entirety of their attention while you complete your workout quickly, efficiently, and effectively. All you do is show up, and we’ll help you follow the fitness plan designed just for you.

Access to classes or to the gym facilities is not available outside of sessions. Since this is a limited access plan, there are no monthly dues and no time commitment. There’s just you putting your nose to the grindstone for two to three concentrated training sessions per week!