Don’t take our word for it.

These ladies can tell you why Pumps worked for them and how it can work for you, too!

Devin Lynch

Age: 23
Occupation: Operations Coordinator at Winchester Savings Bank
Fitness Consultant: Susan

Devin’s Frustration: “I struggled with weight for years. I lived in oversized clothes to feel more comfortable. I’d go to the gym once a week thinking that was enough, and eat poorly along with it. I had no clue how to take charge of my life. I would get teased about my weight, both intentionally and unintentionally. Being unhealthy physically also made me unhealthy mentally. Someone even told me I wouldn’t be able to do this. I needed to prove them wrong!”

Devin Takes Action! “I was tired of feeling tired all the time. I made it my New Year’s resolution to finally take charge. I set small goals for myself to go to the gym every day and track everything I was consuming. I am continuously educating myself about living a healthier lifestyle.”

The ‘New’ Devin Speaks…  “Becoming physically active has changed my life completely. Not only am I healthier, I am much more confident in myself. I don’t feel like I need to hide myself anymore. The support at Pumps is phenomenal! The staff are so kind and always willing to help you! I’ve never been more comfortable working out in a gym with such beautiful, strong WOMEN! I encourage all to take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. You’d be blown away by what you can actually do!”


Jennifer Cunningham-Allard

Age:  44
Home Town:  Tewksbury
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Fitness Consultant:  Lori Gordon

Jennifer’s Frustration:  “I was in a rut…  Completely content with eating what I and making very little effort to take care of my health and fitness.  I had joined gyms in the past but pretty much just walked the treadmill and half-heartedly used some of the weight machines but honestly put in minimal effort.”

Jennifer Takes Action!  “I always thought that my friends, Gabi & Suzan Mecherkany were crazy for paying more than the $10/month that our local gym charged and for driving from Tewksbury to Woburn when we had 3 gyms in town, but they convinced me to go with them when Pumps was offering the “30 in 30” challenge. They said “we will drive and you can take the classes for free!” I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot….. I loved it!  I took at least one class almost every day & I loved every class I took and every instructor that lead each class. I was hooked!”

Our Celebrity Speaks:  “Thanks to Suzan, Gabi and the amazing trainers and consultants at Pumps, since November, I have dropped 3 sizes and am on my way to the next size. I lost more than 25 pounds and a whole bunch of inches in my mid-section, legs, arms and back/chest and have dropped my body fat percentage to a below average level! I have never seen results like this and I love hearing “you look absolutely amazing, how did you do it?” I tell them, “I go to Pumps!” I look forward to what lies ahead for me!”

Steph Ortiz

Age: 23
Occupation: Pre School Teacher
Home Town: Woburn
Fitness Consultant: Susan
Personal Trainer: Eliza

Steph’s Frustration: Steph had tried to lose weight in the past by walking or going to the gym on her own, but would end up bored, which would lead to her not being able to stick with it. It wasn’t till Steph started hearing comments from family about her appearance that she realized it was time for a change.

Steph Takes Action! “Having people criticize me or make comments about my weight made me think about how I looked all the time. I always kept quiet about it but I did not feel comfortable in my own body. Instead of letting comments bring me down, I decided to let them motivate me to get healthy and fit. I was terrified of what I was signing myself up for, but I knew it had to be done. I signed up at Pumps on my lunch break without even a tour and got a trainer right away. I knew that i had to put in a lot of effort & promised myself I’d go every day.”

The ‘New’ Steph Speaks…  “Going to the gym every day, I started to make friends with the staff. Being greeted by my name every time I set foot in the gym gives me a sense of belonging. I now refer to the gym as my “happy” & “safe” place. I now have more energy and motivation to do something with my life and be more productive. I am so thankful for all the encouragement I get from staff & my trainer, Eliza. She takes her time to plan my workouts and I show up ready to challenge myself. I would not have made it this far without Eliza, and she is really the best! I am happy, healthy, and grateful to everyone that has been part of my journey!”

Sue Fahlbeck

Age:  44
Home Town:  Woburn
Occupation: Software Engineering Manager
Fitness Consultant:  Susan Burr
Personal Trainer:  Amanda

Sue’s Frustration:  Been yo-yoing all her life with dieting and exercising. At her all time unhealthiest with 2 year old son that she desperately wanted to have the energy to play with, she needed to take action and wanted to keep it off for good this time!

Sue Takes Action!  She joined PUMPS and decided to sign up for some personal training.  She was paired with Amanda to begin her journey.  Quickly she found a connection with Amanda for the love of strength training. She was hooked with her first “clean”. Amanda introduced you to all different types of workouts to keep it exciting and challenging.

Our Celebrity Speaks: “The best thing about PUMPS is you feel very comfortable at any age or size which really helped when you are first starting out. I struggled on the first few workouts with Amanda but I wasn’t going to give up! She found what I liked and what came naturally to keep me motivated during the “tough” workouts. I now have learned to love those “tough” ones (i.e. Lunges and Cardio). I feel I have learned a healthier approach this time with the proper balance of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. I found the fitness assessment with Susan very helpful and motivating. It was great to see that I went from 0 pushups to 14! 

What keeps me motivated? When my son asks me to chase him around the yard, I jump up and say “sure”. Oh that smile on his face is all I need. Also he loves to do squats and burpees with me.”